The Healing Space is a not-for-profit, community based resource where health and wellbeing is addressed in a gentle, holistic manner.  While it is lovely to be part of the change arising from the delivery of 1-to-1 complementary therapies, we believe that it is more ethical to teach people to heal/treat themselves and help them develop their own holistic, independent methods of self care.

We offer

  • affordable access to a range of complementary therapies
  • health and wellbeing activities such as yoga, and health meditation
  • food planting, nurturing and harvesting
  • healthy, seasonal cooking and eating courses
  • bread n soup making course
  • social activities within the community
  • outreach work with community groups, youth clubs and children’s centres,
  • nurture groups within primary schools
  • nurture groups within adult shelters

Healing Space also offers regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops and courses